In the Arrow season 3 starting and ending intro, the Arrowhead got changed from plain to thicker one with symbols embodied on it, as depicted below

enter image description here

Is there any deep meaning/symbolism behind those symbols or is it just for styling?

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    no confirmation on this yet, but my gut says they're supposed to represent something vaguely-Arabic-ish-looking because of the whole Ra's al'Ghul storyline.
    – KutuluMike
    Sep 22, 2015 at 0:55

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It was a nod to the later episodes, The arrowhead was similar to the stencil used for branding him by Ra's al Ghul , below is the side by side comparison:

enter image description here

There were instances in season 3 where the logo got changed to something else:

In season 3 episode 7 "Draw Back Your bow" the title arrowhead logo was that of Cupid's heart shape arrow. In season 3 episode 8 "The Brave and The Bold" Lightning was added to the logo as the Flash guest starred. In season 3 episode 14 "The Return" the arrowhead logo reverted to the season 2 arrowhead when Slade Wilson returned. - IMDb

This trend was continued for the 4th season

with new arrowhead logo resembling his new superhero name:
Green Arrow enter image description here Except for flash crossover.

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