Michael Douglas, playing Liberace, has a facelift partway through the HBO movie. His skin is noticeably tighter and smoother afterwards. How was the effect achieved?

  • A mix of botox and make-up/prosthetics? – Cearon O'Flynn Jan 19 '17 at 15:13

Make-up, possibly with prosthetics

From this interview with Vulture about playing the role:

In his long, over 40-year career—playing ­everything from Gordon Gekko, a titan of Wall Street (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor), to the philandering husband in Fatal ­Attraction to a ­compromised cop in Basic Instinct to a pot-smoking novelist in Wonder Boys—Douglas has always been a Zeitgeist-y embodiment of the modern man. Which means he has never worn prosthetics in a movie, let alone a rhinestone-encrusted floor-length fur cape decorated with sequins. “I was the girl on this movie! The hair and makeup for Liberace took two and a half hours,” Douglas said. “I’ve never done elaborate hair and makeup before. Up until now, my entire career has been contemporary.”

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