At the end of the movie The Wicker Man (the Nicholas Cage version not the original) after the fade to black and before the credits there is a screen that says "For Johnny Ramone" What was the reason behind dedicated this movie to one of the founding fathers of punk rock?


IMDB page for the movie's trivia lists that:

The film is dedicated to late musician Johnny Ramone, who introduced Nicolas Cage to Robin Hardy's original The Wicker Man.


Johnny Ramone's wikipedia page states:

In 2006, the remake of the horror film The Wicker Man was dedicated to Johnny Ramone's memory, as he was a close friend of the film's producer and star, Nicolas Cage

  • Oh my goodness, Cage also produced that monstrosity? It would explain why no one put the brakes on it, I guess. – PoloHoleSet Sep 19 '16 at 20:44

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