At the end of the movie The Wicker Man (the Nicholas Cage version not the original) after the fade to black and before the credits there is a screen that says "For Johnny Ramone" What was the reason behind dedicated this movie to one of the founding fathers of punk rock?

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IMDB page for the movie's trivia lists that:

The film is dedicated to late musician Johnny Ramone, who introduced Nicolas Cage to Robin Hardy's original The Wicker Man.


Johnny Ramone's wikipedia page states:

In 2006, the remake of the horror film The Wicker Man was dedicated to Johnny Ramone's memory, as he was a close friend of the film's producer and star, Nicolas Cage

  • Oh my goodness, Cage also produced that monstrosity? It would explain why no one put the brakes on it, I guess. Sep 19, 2016 at 20:44

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