I've watched seasons 1 and 2 of Silicon Valley.

We know Richard is staying in Erlich's incubator as one of his incubees, but do we know how they originally met?

Did I miss something or is it possibly covered in a deleted scene?

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To date no major details of how they met or how Richard came to live/work in Erlich's incubator have been divulged. The only thing we know is that Erlich gains a 10% stake in any product/company/idea people living in his incubator come up with, and just before he learned Pied Piper was viable he was planning to evict Richard from it.

These details could come to light in future episodes, but for now they remain obscured. However, the concept of an innovation/business incubator is not new to the show, and as such is likely just a means to provide meaning for certain characters and business interactions within the show to exist, making it more believable and depicting of the actual Silicon Valley area itself.

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