In the first Spider-Man movie, when Peter is deciding to become a costumed wrestler, he sketches out a handful of possible costume designs that don't look much like a Spider-Man suit, but do look a lot like something one might find somewhere in a comic book. Are any of them allusions to actual suits that were worn by Marvel Comics characters at some point?

Here's the clip from the film:

  • I know his wrestling costume is an allusion to his clone.
    – Ben Plont
    Commented Aug 3, 2015 at 5:20

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There were only three costumes before the final one. One is from Stingray, but it was put with utility belt sound like Batman-ish.

enter image description here

Stingray from comics:

enter image description here

It is bit debatable but Dutch Wikipedia article assumes the same :

Stingray’s kostuum is te zien tussen de vele schetsen voor een potentieel Spider-Man kostuum in de film Spider-Man.

The second costume I can relate with comics is Venom, the black costume he has drawn with the title "need more colour", it was just added with a bit red otherwise it was the same same as Venom's costume:

enter image description here

One more costume appear

enter image description here

Which look quite similar to his wrestling costume:

enter image description here

His wrestling costume is claimed to be inspired from Ben Reily costume.

And then in the last his final costume appear :

enter image description here

Rest were just different angels of this costumes only.

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