In the climax of Jurassic World (2015), when the genetically modified dinosaur Indominus Rex kills all the raptors trained by the hero, Claire releases the T-Rex from the cage. It assists in defeating Indominus Rex.

The T-Rex is not trained like the raptors. Why did the T Rex help the protagonists, instead of just eating them?


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It is the same Tyrannosaurus Rex from the first Jurassic Park film. In the first movie, Dr. Alan Grant rescues two kids from getting attacked by using a flare to get the T-Rex's attention. When Claire throws the flare at the Hybrid Rex, she is indicating to the T-Rex to attack it. See the picture below:

Jurassic Park (1993)


It doesn't 'help' her. It is lured into the area with the Indominus Rex and the two happen to have a fight. The flare is used, as they know from past experience, the T-rex will follow them.


I think its a throwback to the Original Jurassic Park's ending where the T-Rex kills the Raptors and saves the protagonists.

In Jurassic world here we have the Raptor, T-Rex and mosasaurus taking out the fearsome Indominus Rex and assisting the protagonists and also the reason why we don't see a T-Rex in this movie until the very last scene.


I think that is obvious.1st, The T. Rex's (Rexy), eyesight is based on movement. So it followed the flair. And 2nd, Rexy saw the I. Rex as a threat/challenger. So of coarse she engaged. If the I. Rex wasn't there, the main characters would be dead.

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I think the T-Rex helped them because he knew there was only one king so the T-Rex, the velociraptors and the humans worked together to save the Earth from Indonimus Rex

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