We see a lot of weed plants in Trailer Park Boys, they look very very real.

What are these plants?

Is there a standard showbiz weed plant look-a-like?

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  • It wasn't weed; reddit.com/r/trailerparkboys/comments/vnm84/…
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    As for a 'weed' look alike: Hemp. Which is essentially weed, albeit minus the THC--and is completely legal in Canada.
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    I have always thought that they used plastic plants...
    – mattiav27
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  • @mattiav27 that's what I thought as well, but you see them lighting and smoking it in a few scenes so I'm guessing it has to be something natural.
    – Daft
    Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 12:22

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Just found this page on New York Daily, from the title:

What are they smoking?! When scenes call for pot or cocaine, Hollywood turns to stash of faux drugs

later it says:

Turns out that many cocaine look-alikes are ingredients you might use in a cake, like powdered sugar, powdered milk and baking soda, while herbal tobacco fills in for genuine cannabis. [...] When faux pot plants are needed, as they were in "Weeds," things got costly.

“In seasons two and three, we were growing hydroponically indoors,” Benabib says. “We needed literally hundreds of the plants, and they are very expensive. They cost an arm and a leg.”

Of course there are also exceptions like Easy Rider: according to IMDB in this movie they were smoking actual marijuana.


There is also this article: this explains that

Since "Weeds" also involved a fair amount of growing, not just selling, the art department also had to supply “plants.” Entire grow houses were outfitted with plastic plants — like the fake flower you might use to spruce up your cubicle, except weed, and lots of it. A late-series episode that finds Nancy Botwin’s onetime supplier growing in Humboldt required planting nearly a hundred plastic plants in the ground. The effect is strikingly realistic, except for the fact that actors couldn’t prune plastic: “If you look close when they’re trimming ’em, they’re not really doing much.”

(bold font is mine).

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    But wait, what's the faux plant? You haven't mentioned its name.
    – Walt
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  • @Walt explanation added
    – mattiav27
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  • Oh, an actual fake plant, I see. Sorry.
    – Walt
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Places like ISS or RJR Props (USA) and SugaVision (UK) made realistic movie props for use in industry and not for sale to the general public. See also this article in Vice.com.

The props for Weeds were managed by Jode S. Mann and created in their art department.

RJR Props Marijuana


SugaVision also offers industrial hemp, which of course will look identical.

Plants that look like Marijuana:

Japanese Maple

Hibiscus Acetosella

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    This is interesting, but it doesn't answer what this particular film/show (unsure which) used. Commented May 21, 2019 at 3:59

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