In season 3 episode 1 of Orange is the New Black, there is a flashback where Sam Healy's mother exchanges some dialog with the young Sam Healy.

Essentially the scene is designed to show that Sam Healy's mother was barking mad.

The scene shows her drawing some symbols on the wall, but it goes too fast for me to recognize what they might be alluding to, or even if they have significance. What are those symbols about?

Or alternatively, are they random scribbles on the wall with no other meaning than to show that Sam's mother was seriously deranged?


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I think it was just scribbles/nonsensical doodles, from the looks of it. Below is a still from the episode, if it helps any:

enter image description here (Edit: I got the image from this article. Didn't find it very useful otherwise, but figured I should source the picture.)

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