The ending scene of It Follows seems pointless to me.

Jay and Paul walk down the street holding hands, and someone (I guess, the demon) follows them.

Did I miss something?


The trick ending was discussed in an interview in Vulture with the Director; David Robert Mitchell. Although he seems to have intended to leave it ambiguous, the general concensus among critics is that it was pretty heavy-handed:

Q. The movie ends with Jay and Paul walking home. A ways behind them, we see a teenage boy walking in the same direction ... it might be the monster, or it might not. Was that always the final shot?

A. Yes, for sure. We had a couple variations on it — I think we had some where he was really far back, and then some where no one would ever miss him — but we settled on the one where he’s there, but not too close. It allows people to make up their own mind of what it means.

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My guess is its Jeff as a Demon. I think he had the same haircut, beard and clothing. As you remember it always appeared as known people to the cursed ones.

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