I just don't understand why Paul Walker's character faked his death at the end of Running Scared.

I did some research online and there's an answer that says that he's a rat and was put in WITSEC?

He's obviously not a rat because he said in the movie:

I was undercover for 12 years and my wife doesn't even know about it.

So I guess the term "undercover" doesn't apply for rats right?

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Joey Gazelle faked his own death to protect himself and his family for the reminder of their lives.

A funeral is held for Joey with Teresa, Nicky, and Oleg in attendance, and Oleg has been adopted into the family. They drive out to a small farm house, where Joey's car is parked in the driveway. Teresa sits on the car's bumper when Joey emerges from under the car, alive and well, having faked his own death for his protection as an undercover officer.

The definition of an undercover officer is as as follows:

an individual involved in or involving secret work within a community or organization, esp. for the purposes of police investigation or espionage: an undercover police operation.


He was FBI, undercover. He was put into WITSEC after the events of the movie for the protection of his cover/identity/whatever. That's what I've gathered about it.

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