I just realized I have no idea if the movie resolved this: In Mad Max Fury Road, one of Immortan Joe's main motivations is getting back the woman who is pregnant with his child(s).

Later in the movie she dies and the war boys cut her open (do a postmortem C-section), "finding" two babies, one of which is dead instantly, but the other is a perfectly healthy boy.

What happened to Immortan Joe's newborn son at the end of the movie?

I don't remember seeing him again and I don't think he was mentioned later. Did he die during the final battle?

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You have misinterpreted the scene in question. Immortan Joe's wife (who I believe is referred to as "Splendid" in the film) was only pregnant with one child - a boy who dies around about the same time as his mother.

The man who attempts to perform a C-section on "Splendid" tells Rictus (one of Immortan Joe's other sons) that he would have had a baby brother who was "perfect in every way", had it it been one month later - not that he DOES have a baby brother.


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