Throughout the movie Paper Moon, it's hinted that Addie is the daughter of Moses. But it is never confirmed or denied.

Since this is based on a novel, I was wondering if there is any canonical information on whether they were father and daughter.


Per IMDB's FAQ regarding the film;

The question is left unanswered in both the movie and the novel. Moses denies it, and Addie states that her mother was the wildest girl in her town and that Moses is one of three possible fathers for her.

However, most viewers of the movie tend to believe that Moses is indeed Addie's father. In real life, Ryan O'Neal IS Tatum O'Neal's father. Her mother is actress Joanna Cook Moore.

You're left to make up your own mind. Personally I believe that the resemblance (in the film) strongly indicates that she is indeed his biological daughter.

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