The original intro of the TV show The Mentalist defines a mentalist as follows:

/'men-tə-list/ noun
Someone who uses mental acuity, hypnosis and/or suggestion.
A master manipulator of thoughts and behavior.

However, I can not recall if Patrick Jane was ever referred to by someone (other than himself) as the Mentalist (in canon).

Did someone ever call or refer to Patrick Jane as the Mentalist?

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At least once, but it was a hallucination. In Devil's Cherry (2nd episode of season 5), Jane imagines he's talking to his daughter Charlotte after drinking some belladonna tea, and this dialogue unfolds:

Jane: What are you hiding?

Charlotte: You tell me. You're the mentalist.

Jane: I never said I was a mentalist.

Charlotte: Spooky.

Edit: As for an example that actually happens, in Pink Champagne on Ice (season 4, episode 19), Jane talks to a magician (Jack) he used to work with, where this is said:

Jane: Last time I saw you was 16 years ago, when you opened for me in Kansas City, and for what it's worth, you don't look a day older.

Jack: Well, thank you, but you're mistaken, Patrick. It's you who opened for me.

Jane: Your memory's going.

Jack: Mentalists. Big talkers, no skills.

[And Jack is mocking Jane rather than talking about himself. He's a magician, not a mentalist.]

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