Bruce Campbell was in all three of the Sam Raimi movies, but as different bit characters in each one. Why was he used in all three movies?

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    he was a friend of Sam raimi ?
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There were a couple of reasons for this.

1) Sam Raimi (director) and Bruce Campbell are good friends and Bruce normally gets cameo's in his films.

2) There was a rumor before and after Spider-man 3 Bruce Campbell was going to become Mysterio as Mysterio constantly blames Spider-man for his failed acting and stunt gigs.(source)

  • It's basically a tradition between the two, who, as Oliver C. notes, broke into showbiz together with the early Evil Dead films.
    – DukeZhou
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From an interview with Bruce Campbell:

When did you first meet the Raimis?

  • I was born in the same hospital as Sam Raimi – the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oaks.

    I met Sam in junior high – very briefly while I was with a friend of his – and he was dressed as Sherlock Holmes, playing with dolls. I thought he was a creepy weirdo, and I avoided him, officially, until drama class in high school, in 1975.

    Sam was very much into magic, and I was his assistant at a couple of magic shows. Then, I think Sam made a logical transition into film being the ultimate sleight of hand.

And this is what – late '60s, early '70s?

  • Well, for Sam, I think he started doing home movies in the early '70s. I did them in the early '70s, and we started making – then I met other guys in our neighborhood who had been making Super-8 movies longer than us, Scott Spiegel being one of them.... Josh Becker, who was Sam's neighbor...

    ... so there was a weird group of about six of us, who wound up teaming up and making Super-8 movies on weekends – almost every weekend.


So, around this time, is it a bit apocryphal that you also babysat for the Raimis?

  • Well, I took Ted [Sam Raimi's younger brother] to cello lessons occasionally, but I think they made me do that because I ate dinner over there all the time.

Just out of convenience, because you were always filming?

  • Yeah. We'd shoot in Sam's living room, and eat dinner, and then whenever the Raimis were working and Sam was busy I'd pick up Ted at cello lessons. I think I've known Ted since he was about 9.


  • Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have known each other since High School
  • They started making movies together in the 70's.
  • Bruce Campbell visited the Raimis so often they used him as a babysitter for Sam's younger brother ;)
  • I think you missed the main point and detailed less important point......!!mysterio!!
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    @AnkitSharma - I don't think Bruce Campbell's cameos in the trilogy had much to do with a possible larger role in Spider-Man 4. Bruce has appeared in Sam Raimi movies since the 70's, and he will also cameo in Raimi's upcoming Oz The Great and Powerful.
    – Oliver_C
    Commented Jan 29, 2013 at 16:07
  • Considering that both Campbell and Raimi achieved international fame only after doing the movie Evil Dead together, I can't see how they aren't best buddies...
    – Fikko3107
    Commented Nov 11, 2013 at 15:21

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