Can anyone give us proofs from the movie "The Cobbler" that confirm if his dad was dead in the movie or he just went away?

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I haven't seen the movie. But the synopsis on IMDB says the dad (Abraham) reappears at the end of the movie:

Max wakes up in Jimmy's barber shop. Jimmy offers him some water and a pickle, stating that pickles help with the transition from one body to another. Max asks how he knew about that. Jimmy takes off his shoes to reveal that he was Abraham the whole time. Both elated and angry, Max hugs his dad.

It sounds as though he wasn't dead or gone. He was just in disguise.


In the movie, Max put on the shoes of a dead man and becomes a rotting corpse. He even panics and screams "He's dead. He's dead." When he puts on his father shoes he became a healthy, very much alive, version of his dad.

It was obvious that Jimmy was Max's father in disguise. The pears, pickles, wanting to help.

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