'Unbroken' unable to draw local audience yet and South Korea Box Office: 'Unbroken' Debuts in Fourth Place seem to indicate that "Unbroken" hasn't fared particularly well in Asian markets.

Angelina Jolie's war film faces box office challenge in Asia predicted that the movie would fare well in such countries:

Although Unbroken has yet to be approved by the mainland for release there, the film will likely find an appreciative audience. Hillenbrand's book has been translated into Chinese and has earned largely positive reviews. Second world war movies such as Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan have performed strongly at the mainland box office. And actress-director Jolie has a sizeable and enthusiastic following there.

Most important, given the history of deep animosity and conflict between China and Japan, Chinese audiences have long embraced films and TV series with an anti-Japanese bent. On the mainland, such films are a veritable industry unto themselves: in 2012 alone, more than 200 were made by Chinese studios, most shown on TV.

The movie performed well in the US and Canada.

So far, it seems the film has not been released in Japan, though there's suspicions that's because of political considerations.

Has the film not fared well in Asian markets, and if so, why?

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