In Unfaithful (2002), why did Connie Sumner use the tissue paper in the train's restroom after having physical contact with Paul?

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    Ask your mom. There is a whole conversation that should come along with this answer.
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    Apr 14, 2015 at 18:57

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Ok, since it seems no one else wants to touch this one, I'll take it.

She is wiping up the semen.

After sex, semen doesn't stay inside a woman very well. Especially when she's standing, as gravity pulls it down. To prevent semen from dribbling down her leg and staining her pants (or skirt; I don't remember), she wipes it up, much like she would wipe after urinating.


IMO-I think that due to her fantasizing and recalling her recent sex action with her lover just before going back home gave her orgasm {strong!} so consequently she had extreme wetness from it. Had it been semen she would have cleaned up upon getting aboard the train!

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