I was just searching on IMDB for movies with the word "Dark" in the title (results), and I noticed a ways down that the X-Files tv series had an annotation under it that lists another name:

aka "Files in the Dark"

I tried to search for it on google, and I can't find anything related to the X-Files, nor is it listed on the Wikipedia page about the series. Can someone provide me with some source for where this comes from?

  • Trivia: Original title in France used to be "Aux Frontières Du Réel", something like "The Reality Limits", as a reference to "Au-Delà Du Réel", title used in France for the series "The Outer Limits". – wip Mar 31 '18 at 9:57

Er, the answer is right on The X Files IMDb aka page:

Israel (Hebrew title) (literal English title) Files in the Dark

And they pronounce it Tikim b'Afela (source).

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    Just as a note, the Hebrew word translated here as "Dark" points to more than dark (which, literally would just be "khoshekh") -- it is more "darkness, pitch blackness ; despair, despondency ; dark (noun), unknown" – rosends Mar 26 '15 at 19:03

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