It has been many years since I've watched The Farm: Angola, USA (I saw it as an Investigative Reports special on A&E), but there is a song sung by the prisoners as they're burying Bones (that may be off, it could be when they were talking about the funeral or it may not even be that Bones was the inmate who'd died) and also played from an LP, whose label was too fuzzy to read, that I've been trying to source since I first saw this documentary.

The only lyrics I remember are:

The walls are gone,
And I am free.

Even these may not be exact; my memory is pretty terrible.

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    You might try rewatching it to see if you can find more info and find the answer yourself. It's on Youtube, subtitled in Russian. youtube.com/watch?v=FFqVIlL0A2A
    – Catija
    Mar 9 '15 at 22:39
  • I'd seen that video but the cyrillics made me skip it (plus it's a copyright violation). Will have a look when I get some time.
    – adamdc78
    Mar 10 '15 at 0:12

I just perused the video Catjia linked to (the funeral is at the very end), and with the help of Google, the song is "I'm Free" by Milton Brunson.

Here are some of the lyrics:

I am free
Praise the Lord, I'm free
No longer bound
No more chains holding me
Soul is resting
And it’s just another blessing
Praise… the Lord
Hallelujah, I'm free
I’ve got to say it one more

I am free
Praise the Lord, I'm free
I’ve been saved and sanctified
Filled with His holy holyness
I’m resting
It's another blessing
Praise the Lord
Hallelujah, I'm free

  • See, I perused the video and couldn't find the funeral! Good for you!
    – Catija
    Mar 9 '15 at 23:50

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