In the 2011 released Tamil Movie, Kanchana, the main character i.e., Kanchana is shown to be a Trans-gender but after watching the movie, I am not able to understand whether Geeta is also shown as a Trans-gender?

If not, why was Geeta's School's Principal saying, "Children like Geeta..." in two of the Scenes?


I'm pretty much sure that Geeta is a transgender, because I've watched the movie couple of times. Here is a wikipedia page that confirms she's a transgender.

Kanchana (Sarathkumar) is a transgender who was disowned by her parents due to her effeminate behaviour. She is offered shelter by a kind Muslim (Babu Antony), who has a mentally retarded son. Regretting that she couldn't become a doctor as she intended, she adopts another young transgender, Geetha, and works hard to support her financially.

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