Everyone knows this scene! Indiana Jones narrowly escapes death by a huge rolling boulder in the Raiders of the Lost Ark. However I recently watched the original Journey to the Center of the Earth with James Mason again and was delighted to find the same scene is used here were he too and his party encounter the same situation (Scene starts at 1:06)

I'm pretty sure I've seen the same scene used in another movie as well. Thought it could have been used in King Solomon's Mines (1985) but I was mistaken.

My question is what is the first film to use this situation and how times has this been used in movie history?

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What you're speaking of is the Indy Escapes trope, which apparently debuted in the Buster Keaton film Seven Chances (1925), although it was styrofoam rocks that the hero was running from.

The scene in question can be seen here.


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