In the finale to season 6 of Malcolm in the Middle, Lois whistles impressively on stage. I can't seem to find a credit for who actually did the whistling: was it recorded (and from whom), or does the actress herself actually have that particular talent?

  • No idea, but guessing they hired a professional whistler rather than base the season finale on an obscure skill of Kaczmarek's (which she seemingly never boasted about). They can't all be Skinny Pete. ;)
    – Walt
    Jan 28, 2015 at 7:11

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The episode aired in May 2005, and an article in the the Seattle News from October 2006 (Just Put Your Lips Together) discusses the career of pro whistler Steve Herbst, mentioning that he "recently contributed to an episode of Malcolm in the Middle." Think this must be your man.


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