In season 12, episode Here I come, pants:

Walden: "We'll gonna lose everything we worked for over one stupid mistake."

Alan: "It's my chiropractic license all over again."

I can't remember a recent episode, in which Alan's work was mentioned or a situation that led to the loss of his chiropractic license.

Was there anything mentioned earlier?

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Found it in season 11, episode 1:

Walden: I hired you to be my assistant to help you out financially because you had to close your chiropractical...
Alan: I did not have to close it, I'm in a rent dispute.
Walden: People in rent disputes don't fake their own deaths!


In S12E10, Alan says the following:

It's my chiropractic license all over again. Your hand slips into one butt crack.

Source: transcript S12E10 by springfieldspringfield.

Based on that, it seems Alan touched at least one of his clients inappropriately, triggering a board review causing him to lose his license (this is established in S11E03, see quote below):

But I can help you. Although I am legally obligated to tell you my license has expired. But thankfully backs haven't changed that much since my unsuccessful board review.

Source: transcript S11E03 by springfieldspringfield.

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