At the end of Predator we see Anna is on the American helicopter when Dutch gets there.

Why did they allow her on? As far as they were concerned, she was a random stranger at best and a guerilla fighter at worst. Did she explain that the military unit had been attacked by a superpowerful alien and Dutch would be along to vouch for her once he had wiped all the mud off and taken down some expert level booby traps?


Don't forget that Dillon (Carl Weathers' character) knew that there was more to their mission that what Dutch originally thought. It's plausible that he explained what was going on to some superiors, who authorized the chopper to pick ANYONE up assuming they came out alive.

As for Anna possibly being a guerrilla fighter, unless she had a grenade on her person and was willing to blow herself up with the chopper (sorry, da choppaaa!), the people on the helicopter could easily overpower her. Besides, once the CIA had her in custody, she was able to give some insight into what the Predator was (as Gary Beusey's character explained in Predator 2).

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  • Dillon's mission was different than what he claimed but he did not seem to know about the alien, he thought that there was '2 or 3 men out there at the most' and argued with Dutch's strategy and 'boy scout b******t'. Even if the rescuers had been told a prisoner was being escorted to the pickup up point they would have no way of knowing it was her, they would be expecing the squad with a prisoner. She might well have had a grenade or even just a concealed pistol which she could have fired from a few feet away at the pilot. – Stefan Oct 19 '12 at 15:15

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