I recently watched the Kill Bill movies. In Vol. 2 in the texas funeral scene Beatrix Kiddo is buried alive with a flashlight. But I don't understand why Budd gives Beatrix the chance to see something when she is buried alive. If he want that she suffers he could use the mace. As for myself I think he wants to give her a little chance of survive and get the possibility for revenge. Because in a scene before Budd says to Elle Driver:

Budd: That woman deserves her revenge and we deserve to die.

Is there any evidence why Budd gives the flashlight to Beatrix before she gets buried alive? Or another good question could be: is Budd 100 % sure that Beatrix is going to die?

You can watch the scene here:

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    I would bet that it was just a device Tarantino used to allow us, the audience, the logical reason to be able to visually see Beatrix in the coffin. No proof, just thinking. Jan 4, 2015 at 15:09

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As Paulster2 said, it is given audience to visualize the scene. Otherwise it will be just a dark scene and them boom she is out.

For other reason, I got the below mentioned answer from this thread

  1. Bud is a sadistic SOB.
  2. Giving her a flashlight lets her see her surroundings, and the psychological horror of SEEING that you're trapped with no way out is even greater than of being in pitch dark.
  3. The terror induced as the batteries in the flashlight fade is even greater.

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