Before plunging the knife into Fara Sherazi in Homeland S04E10, Haissam says something in Arabic/Urdu that sounds like "cum kere fish". What does he say and what does it mean?

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I remember looking it up after watching this and apparently (unless I've been misled) he said 'Tum kafir', which is bad Urdu\Kurdish for 'You infidel' (though in this context, it's more like a profane 'blood traitor'). Here's some info about this term.

EDIT: Just re-listened to this and it does sound like 'Kum kafish'. However, the actor is Turkish and Kafir is pronounced (or sounds to Westerners, anyway) like Kafish of Kafirsh in Turkish.


I tweeted Numan Acar who amazingly tweeted back with an answer to the question.

@NumanAcar_: Numan, what did you say to Fara ( Nazanine) before you stabbed her??

@CandiceSTurner: Haqqani said to her: You traitor!


Twitter exchange

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    Wow, great to know (and very nice of him). Do you happen to have a link or a screengrab?
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    Dec 14, 2014 at 7:56
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"Tum kafir" is not you traitor, tum kafir means you non believer basically in Islam kafir is non believer or basically an abuser of Islam .

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