Looking for name of B western movie in color from "50-60 seen on TV. It starts out with a horse race in a town out west. A stranger rides in at the last minute, hands a couple of law books to an old character actor, enters the race, and wins by lassoing a flag stuck in the ground to, barely, beat a pretty cowgirl. A saloon in the background at the start was the "Turlock Palace" owned by the bad guy, I think.

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This is Michael Curtiz's B Western The Boy from Oklahoma from 1954. From the TCM synopsis:

On his way to an apprenticeship in Lincoln, Tom Brewster, a correspondence school law student from Oklahoma, rides into the corrupt town of Blue Rock to mail his examination papers. The post office is closed because it is Election Day, but alcohol flows freely in the saloon owned by incumbent mayor Barney Turlock, who buys his victory. [...] During the festivities, Tom ties in a horse race with tomboy Katie Brannigan, then loses to her in a shooting match, as he never carries arms.

Here's a clip from the movie:

  • Thank you Napoleon; independently,found out last night crosschecking two remembered bit players, Sheb Wooley and Slim Pickens. Thanks again, because I might not have. – s-orion Dec 11 '14 at 19:23

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