On the last day of the plot of Before I Go to Sleep, Ben/Mike is shown in his car as he leaves the house for the day. On the passenger seat is a second phone that is ringing. That phone shows that the call is from Claire.

We know from a prior conversation between Christine and Claire that Christine had never revealed Mike's name to Claire. We also know that after Christine's description of Ben/Mike to Claire, Claire states that she does not know who Christine is living with.

How can Claire be calling Ben/Mike if she knows the real Ben but does not know the fake Ben?

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Claire doesn't call Ben nor Mike, she calls Christine. You already said that it's a second phone and in fact it's Christine's cell phone that Mike confiscated exactly to prevent her being called by Claire (or anyone else who could have "dangerous" information, I don't remember if he exactly knew about Claire). That is the only reasonable explanation as you said correctly, that Claire doesn't know Mike.

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    Oh ok. That makes sense. I had to google it as just watched film and was confused. Got it now. Good Film! 👍
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    Commented May 6, 2015 at 21:27

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