The tone of the music of Star Trek changed dramatically from Season 1 to Season 2. Whereas Season 1 was subtler (as subtle as it could be being a science-fiction show in the 60's), and the title track itself definitely more sombre, Season 2 added a lot more unnecessary music in the wrong places, some ill-conceived "horns" flourishes and a needless "wailing woman" in the title track.

Fortunately I've only seen one episode of TOS: Season 2 so far so I'm hopeful. How long does the change last? Both the title music and the background score in the episodes? It's embarrassing.


The 'wailing woman' (or Loulie Jean Norman as she prefers to be called) is present in the Star Trek theme in the pilot (The Cage) and seasons 2 and 3, however the composition was changed slightly between seasons: in season 2, the vocal track was given more prominence and in season 3 the organ track is given more, but you can still hear it if you listen very carefully.

There's also a slightly different version present on the remastered DVDs which came out in 2006 which had the singing part re-recorded by Elin Carlson which may be present in some copies of season 1.

  • Too bad - I liked what it was like in Season 1, all of it. Including the interaction of Kirk's monologue and the pauses in the music. It was crisp. (of course, surprisingly I don't remember this music being in the Cage!)
    – user11122
    Oct 28 '14 at 19:15

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