What is the name of this movie? It's about a teacher who tries to teach values to their students. It is in a private prep school. The teacher has a placard over the door or high on the wall that he makes all students memorize. One of the students cheats on a test but the teacher can't prove it. Many years later, the student is rich & successful and challenges the teacher to another test, but he still cheats using a hidden microphone. The teacher asks him what was the quote on the placard and he can't remember because it's not in a book that his accomplice can access.

The movie has the feel of Dead Poet's Society, but it's not Dead Poet's Society. I tried to search for it but was unsuccessful:

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This is The Emperor's Club from 2002 with Kevin Kline about prep school teacher William Hundert facing student Sedgewick Bell, a Senator's son who cheats in a Classics competition. Many years later, Bell becomes a wealthy CEO and sets up a rematch, where:

In a sense of deja vu, when Hundert notices Bell stumble on a question then recover, he notices that Sedgewick is wearing a tiny earpiece with which he is in contact with a graduate student feeding answers to him. Hundert once again asks an obscure question he first asked his class back in 1973, "Who was Shutruk-Nakhunte?", mentioned on a plaque [above his door] that all the other students knew about, but Bell, having been a late arrival (or never bothering to look at it), fails to answer.

Here's the trailer:

  • FWIW, I remembered Sedgewick Bell as a cross between (generals) John Sedgewick, and John Bell Hood, both of Civil War fame.
    – Tom Au
    Oct 24, 2014 at 16:20

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