Russell Baze, the main protagonist of Out of the Furnace, has a quite prominent tattoo on his neck, which on a closer look seem to be the numbers 15104 or something similar:

enter image description here

While there might very well not be much more to this tattoo, it seemed too omnipresent to me during the whole movie to just be ignored as merely ornamental. I thus wonder if there is any further significance to this tattoo that would tell us something more about his character. Neither did the movie seem to give any explanation, but maybe I just don't have the necessary cultural background information, or it has been adressed in external interviews or the like.

  • Well, that certainly ruined my day. I didn't see the "4" so I researched "1510" and came up with a seriously cool connection to the ancient Greek word "eimi" which means "I am/I exist" in its basic form but also means "I exist outside of time". biblehub.com/greek/1510.htm Oh well. Maybe I'll just have to get my own cryptic tattoo.
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    Commented Sep 10, 2016 at 21:27

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From the film's Wiki page:

The Carrie Furnace, an abandoned blast furnace near Braddock, served as the location for the film's finale. Christian Bale wore a tattoo of Braddock's ZIP code, 15104, on his neck as an homage to the town's mayor John Fetterman, who has the same design on his arm.

enter image description here

  • Oh my, didn't bother to check Wikipedia for that, ashes to my head.
    – Napoleon Wilson
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