The 2006 movie version of Miami Vice ends with a showdown between Vice, Jose Yero and his Aryan Brotherhood accomplices at a desolate shipyard in Miami. However, Wikipedia says that the ending was rewritten after production problems:

After gunshots were fired on set in the Dominican Republic on October 24, 2005, Foxx packed up and refused to return; this forced Mann to re-write the film's ending, which some crew members characterized as less dramatic than the original.

This awakes my interest in this dropped alternative ending (as it was likely set abroad, I guess it could have involved Montoya himself, whose disappearance was a bit unspectacular). But while this was apparently never filmed, its plot seems to be known to the crew at least. So, is there any secured information how the story of this original ending was to unfold?

  • Such a shame Mann's commentary track for this movie is so booooring (explaining the plot!), whereas he could have talked about far more interesting subjects.
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The original ending was supposed to take place in Paraguay. The original report about Jaime Foxx's attitude and the change in endings was from a Slate article.

Mann had to rewrite the ending, eliminating a version that was to have been shot in Paraguay

The only other information I could find on the original ending is from an Entertainment Weekly article.

The plan had been to shoot for a few days in a local mall and then for three weeks in an abandoned building outside town, where they'd film a climactic gun battle that was said to rival the finale of Heat in scope and ambition.

"There was a list. Two hundred and thirty-six line items of weapons, ammunition, and explosives for that scene," says Donehoo. "And of course, the State Department bureaucracy was not in a big hurry to hand out export permits for a bunch of AK-47s into the area known for its relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah. So that was a trick."

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