Moon, the 2009 British science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones, is suppose to be the first in a "trilogy of films set in the same fictional universe."

What are the plot summaries for the other two movies?


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The second film in the trilogy is supposed to be Mute. Duncan Jones has stated it is a Blade Runner inspired movie, which he is a big fan of, and it takes place in a futuristic Berlin.

About the third film, there is not much known but I remember one of his interviews where he has said the third film could be the adaptation of Escape from the Deep which is an underwater epic focusing on a submarine and her crew.

Anyway, you can follow him on Twitter where he provides info on his future projects as well. In April, he announced another project which is a non sci-fi movie.

image of tweet, click to go to Twitter


MUTE (in development)

MUTE-image [CAPTION: Artist depiction from the homepage Liberty Films, the film's production company.]

As stated in the selected answer, the movie appears to be inspired by Blade Runner.


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