During Yusuf's recruiting for the Inception he's about to show Cobb and the others how his special sedatives work in practice. But right before showing them he hesitates for a short moment:

Yusuf: This I think is a good place to start, I use it every day.

Cobb: What for?

Yusuf: Here, I'll show you...(hesitating)...Perhaps you will not want to see?

Cobb: After you.

It might be that I'm making more out of this than there is to it, but I couldn't wrap my head around why he hesitates, especially since from saying "Perhaps you will not want to see?" it doesn't seem to be his own reservations for a deal with Cobb that are in the way, but Cobb's possible reluctance to look any further, which I don't think Cobb has given any indication for. So why did Yusuf hesitate to shown them his sedative in practice (or rather imply that Cobb would hesitate to see it)?


It seems to be more a word of warning about the people in his basement and the analogy to heroin addiction in this universe (a room full of unconscious addicts in a grimy basement is very Trainspotting). Yusuf doesn't seem to have any prior connection to Cobb and may assume he doesn't know the full extent of what he's messing with and what it drives people to if they abuse the dreams.

Compare Cobb's reaction with Eames and Saito, who seem much more disturbed by the addicts than Cobb was, which Yusuf seems to pick up on, as he indicates by deferring Saito's question:

Saito: Why do they do it?

Yusuf: Tell him, Mr. Cobb.

Cobb: After a while it becomes the only way you can dream.

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