In the Wilfred episode "Questions" (S02E11), during Ryan's trip within a trip he learns that the cause for his panic attacks isn't little Joffrey crying but merely Kristen telling him not to cry, which reminds him of her telling the exact same to him when they were kids and had trouble in the family, ultimately realizing that he "never stopped not crying". After waking up from the trips he looks at a picture showing him with Amanda, cries, and admits

I'm sad, Wilfred. I'm really sad.

What I would like to know is, of what scale are the implications of this revelation? Does this just mean that Ryan had suppressed his sadness over breaking up with Amanda (in S02E08) or does this really go as far as Ryan having suppressed his actual sadness all over his life, or at least since his "Wilfred-inducing" suicide attempt? I see that this question might not have been answered too clearly by the show but I might as well have missed some little aspect (or it was deliberately left ambiguous). I guess part in answering this question might already be achieved by answering the simpler (or even trivial) question of did Ryan indeed never cry in any episode up until that point?

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