I want to know what the significance is of "Book of Shadows" in the title of the movie Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, the sequel to The Blair Witch Project .

I watched the full movie and did not got any hints about what the Book of Shadows is. Maybe I missed some part or it means something else?


I can't find anything definitive, but:

  1. The two main characters are researching the Blair Witch for a book they are writing.
  2. The characters are a Wiccan and a Goth Psychic.
  3. A "Book of Shadows" is a Wiccan text containing spells, rituals, etc.
  4. The television show 'Charmed' was wildly popular at the time and the "Book of Shadows" is a critical element to the show.
  5. The "Book of Shadows" is never mentioned in the movie.

Based on those items, barring anything else definitive, I think the title is tenuous and convenient and has nothing to do with the movie itself.

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