Wondering if two scenes were filmed in the same place...

I just saw Transformers: Age of Extinction and was struck by the barn where Mark Wahlberg's character does his tinkering.

It instantly made me think of the barn where Billy Bob Thornton's character built his rocket in Astronaut Farmer.

Does anyone have information regarding these locations and whether it is the same barn? I'm not sure about the outside, but the inside seemed very familiar.

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It doesn't appear that they were filmed at the same place.

Astronaut Farmer was filmed in New Mexico, at the Bonanza Creek Ranch:

enter image description here.

Other films shot here include:

  • Cowboys and Aliens
  • Appaloosa
  • 3:10 to Yuma

Transformers on the other hand doesn't credit the Ranch. Whilst I can't find the exact location it's barn was filmed in, it doesn't appear to have done any filming in New Mexico.

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