The movie remake of 21 Jump Street is comedy that suspends reality quite a bit in some cases. So even though the character played by Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise seemed to receive fatal wounds is it confirmed that they were KIA? I'm asking because they appeared as their original characters and since there is a sequel planned (and maybe another after that) if they are not KIA I figure there is a chance they may show up or be mentioned at some point. Also in universe I can't imagine the death of two DEA agents could be part of a successful take down.


No - if you want to be exacting about it.

They appeared in 21 Jump Street in tribute to the characters they played on the original TV series the movie was based on.

We never see them actually die and 22 Jump Street makes zero mention of them or their futures. It is likely they are dead given the wounds they received, but they are not confirmed dead at any point in the movie (or, to the best of my knowledge, by any director interview).

  • It's not quite about being exacting but just whether there is a chance for future cameos. Also in universe losing two officers would be looked down on. Also they were talking quite a bit after receiving their wounds. Jun 10 '14 at 13:13

Their roles are no more than homage to the 21 Jump Street (TV series). So, they are most probably dead and are not even listed in the 22 Jump Street cast.

The similar kind of cameos from TV series are expected in the sequel too, even mentioned in cast.


I know this has been dead for a while, but as of the official 21 jump street serie season 4 episode 16, they both get to grow old and retell their stories to the new generation.

Doug Penhall retired from the police forces to manage bowling alleys, most likely with Hanson. They might have gotten jobs at the DEA afterwards, but this wouldn't be any better than jumpstreet as the reason he left was to avoid danger in order to raise Clavo properly.

So either they survived or the movies are on a different timeline, it just doesn't fit.

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