Whenever the white walkers come in Game of Thrones, they said that they blow horns.

They blow once for fellow rangers, twice for wildlings/foes and three times for "the others" but I don't get it, who exactly is blowing the horn?


Whoever is 'on watch' in any situations knows the protocol for raising an alert - as you say 'once for Rangers returning, two for wildlings and three for the the others'.

At Castle Black this is presumably someone at the top of The Wall, but when they were encamped while riding north, they put someone on watch who uses the same signals. Presumably that person/people go up a local hill (if available) to get a good view.

That said, I think any 'brother' would use the same signals if they encounter someone, not just those on watch. So anyone else hearing a horn is automatically listening for the number to determine whether its a threat or not.

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  • But this makes me think, Who in seven hells would want to not run but blow a freaking horn when they see the others coming. But i guess its the "Crows" thing. Thank you for your answer, it makes sense. – user3523123 Apr 23 '14 at 5:32
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    @user3523123 You blow the horn not just to warn people, but to get help too. Better to warn your brothers of an attack and perhaps get help for yourself. – iandotkelly Apr 23 '14 at 22:03

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