I think the movie is Japanese, although I'm not completely sure. It's certainly Asian, though, and it takes place in a city. The movie was made during the 90s or 2000s.

The main character (a man, ~40 years old) cannot bear the loss of his wife and keeps seeing her like she was still living with him.

I remember two scenes from the movie. In the first scene the man is having dinner with his friends (another couple) and he orders food for his wife, who's sitting next to him -- but in reality it's just an empty seat. In the second scene the man and his wife are riding a motorbike in a big city.

It it not Visitor Q, Rampo Noir, Three (3 Extremes II), Departures, Be With You, Cherry Blossoms, Audition, or Nang Nak.

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Solved: it is San Taam AKA Mad Detective.

Thanks to this site, which contains the keyword "imaginary wife".

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