In Supernatural S09E12 (Sharp teeth) Sam was describing Garth Fitzgerald to the nurse in the hospital saying "He’s a skinny, Ichabod Crane-looking kind of guy."

Why did Sam use that description and the Sleepy Hollow reference? I did watch the movie and TV show Sleepy Hollow, but I still don't see a good connection between a random skinny guy and Ichabod. Am I missing some description from the book?

  • Please he was also mentioned by Dean in season 8 ep 22
    – user24383
    Aug 28, 2015 at 17:12

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This is a general description of the character known in the book by Washington Irving. In this excerpt from Wikipedia, it says:

The "Legend" relates the tale of Ichabod Crane, a lean, lanky and extremely superstitious

So, all-in-all, this is just his description. It really has nothing to do with the TV show about Sleepy Hollow or anything of the sort. This is a very well known story in the US, so may not have as much of a following in Croatia and thus your confusion. People can use the descriptor of "Ichabod Crane" here and most people would get the reference.

  • Appears I underestimated the popularity of the book,ty.
    – Mentales
    Feb 3, 2014 at 13:08
  • I don't know if the book itself, but the story has a lot of notoriety, especially around Halloween. Feb 3, 2014 at 13:39

Try the old school cartoon too. He was a skinny superstitious guy with a big nose in the disney cartoon. Don't think Johnny Depp or the new tv series. Think of the old school disney cartoon or actual legend. :)

  • ahahhah he really does look like "Garth" with those big cartoony ears.
    – Mentales
    Mar 17, 2014 at 17:10

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