I do not mean it was a David Lynch film. It is not Blue Velvet. It is "Lynchian."

Likely made in the early 1990s. American film, color, well made. Category: drama. Very creepy, slow, and Lynchian.

Based in a small Midwestern town in the 1950s, perhaps Kansas or Oklahoma, post-Dust Bowl.

I can't remember a plot, but I think it was based around one family with an older son who is wanting to leave his hometown but feels bad about leaving his mother (this is just a guess, as my memory is foggy).


There is a group of hoodlums (they look like '50s teenagers with white T-shirts, jeans, and slicked-back hair) who drive around town in a black(?) car, staring at the other townfolk, making them nervous. At one point, they get a young (teenage?) girl to get in the car with them. She is never seen again.

A man (probably the girl's father?) (also, I believe he worked at the town's only gas station) pours gas on himself and lights himself on fire (as the main kid watches... maybe it was his dad... darn, I have a foggy memory).

To sum it up: Very creepy, Lynchian, Midwestern, 1950s, hoodlums in a car kidnap a girl and kill her, man pours gasoline on himself and sets himself ablaze. Lynchian, very.

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    I wish you luck. Anyway- congrats on the most parentheses I've seen on a first-timer's post in a while. 14 if I'm not mistaken. Maybe try to clarify a bit more before you post. I'll be interested in seeing what the answer is, if you get one, as I'm a Lynch fan. – Meat Trademark Jan 21 '14 at 9:02
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    @MeatTrademark Still way better and clearer than most identify questions. – Napoleon Wilson Jan 21 '14 at 10:20
  • @NapoleonWilson I agree there. No downvote from me. "Very creepy, Lynchian" is enough for me to be interested. I just wish knew the answer. – Meat Trademark Jan 21 '14 at 10:38

Found it, only took me 15+ years of searching. It's The Reflecting Skin:

A young boy tries to cope with rural life circa 1950s and his fantasies become a way to interpret events. After his father tells him stories of vampires, he becomes convinced that the widow up the road is a vampire, and tries to find ways of discouraging his brother from seeing her. He must deal with an abusive mother, a father with a charge of molestation, a band of youths creating havoc, and an unforgiving environment in general.

By the way, I discovered it using this site's ingenious search.

  • Looks terrifying. – dgo Feb 24 '17 at 4:47

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