In "Inside Llewyn Davis" was Mike (Llewyn's deceased musical partner) the Gorfeins' son?

I am most interested in in-universe proof, but would also appreciate quotes of any relevant discussion by the filmmakers.


No, there is no definitive proof given that affirms that Mikey is a Gorfein.

There are plenty of moments in the movie where it would be easy to confirm that he is in fact their son, but such opportunities are never taken. For example:

  • When Lillian says "I don't want to be in this room" she could have said "his room" which would imply more of a personal connection, but she didn't.

  • When Carey says "I miss Mike," nobody else said anything like "Imagine how the Gorfeins must feel."

  • If Mikey was the Gorfeins' kid, that would make Llewyn a total dick for the way he treated them (the whole abortion thing, etc.)

  • Most grieving parents wouldn't have made Llewyn perform for dinner guests.

  • There are no photographs of Mikey in the Gorfeins' house. In fact, the only reminder of him is the album If We Had Wings.

While this is all circumstantial and based on what characters could have said or done, it's more compelling evidence than we're given to believe that Mike is a Gorfein.

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