This Movie or series has a few key points. I want to remember the name of it badly since I liked it so much years ago. any help would be appreciated

  1. set in a Steampunk world, dull, rainy.
  2. Humans practice magic there but require protective suits else they become corrupt and turn into demons.
  3. starts off with seemingly 2 protagonists, SPOILER ALERT End up fighting each other when 1 uses too much magic in the fight and turns into a demon.
  4. Main character has a small girl following him around, she has 4 eyes (since her mother was raped by a demon, resulting in her birth)

like I said, if anybody could answer this question "what is the name of this movie" you will make life so much easier since I can't remember it anymore by name or by those key points. maybe you remember or might own it :)

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I think you're looking for Strait Jacket, (2008).

In a world where sorcery and science co-exist, the power of magic comes with a price: Humans who do not take proper precautions are transformed into horrific demons. Those who destroy these demons - and run the highest risk of all - are tactical sorcerists known as Strait Jackets.

It was shown as one of the Sci Fi Channel's Ani-Monday features. The girl looked like she had two human eyes and two sort of reptilian eyes.

  • Sounds about right. – Nobby Dec 20 '13 at 3:42

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