In Anger Management, S2E40 (titled "Charlie and the Devil"), why was Luci so attracted to Noman if there was no devil acting upon her?


They're actually called Lacey and Nolan. And she was attracted to him because she was just on ecstasy. This is explained in the end:

Bob: I'm not the devil.

Nolan: Wait, this is amazing. I didn't sell my soul, which means Lacey really loves me.

Lacey: Hey, sorry I'm late. I just slept for 18 hours. I bet my friend that I could do ecstasy five days in a row and it wouldn't affect my life and I totally won the bet.

Nolan: Ecstasy? You said you were in love with me. You said my ass was adorable.

Lacey: Wow, I did? Well, that didn't affect my life, so I still won the 50 bucks. Yay me.

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