The main scene I remember is that some kidnappers do a sophisticated setup (which they are kind of proud of) to avoid tracing of the caller id. Basically they set up a battery of anti-tracing devices - like 6 in a row.

The people of the kidnapped victim (some asian-mafia guys) await the call from the kidnappers and have already installed 7 anti-anti-tracing devices - thus when the kidnappers call they are indeed able to trace the caller id ...

The movie is pretty much non-hollywood, asian/hongkong action style, probably 80ies, early nineties.

I watched it in the mid-90ies on a VHS rental tape in Europe. I think it is by John Woo, but could not identify it via the information provided by IMDB (I am positive it is not 'The Killer').

I remember vaguely that the kidnapping was somehow staged (the victim is somehow with the kidnappers) - and that the movie contains quite a humoristic story level.


The movie you are referring to is The Big Hit (1998)

Directed by Kirk Wong starrring Mark Wahlberg.

The phone trace you are referring is the infamous "Trace Buster"

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