Near the end of the first third of the movie We Are What We Are, there is a scene of a kid asking for some food, and his sister putting some "Snap Pops" into his glass of milk. Then the kid whispers: "Snap Pops!", and his sister responds with eating one from the pack. Then the other scene follows.

enter image description here

The "Snap Pops" cereal brand appears to be fictional, so it's not a product placement situation, but the scene is so conveniently short. I'm not sure what it means.


This scene is showing that the family is supposed to be fasting at the time. The fasting is part of their annual ritual.

The fast is broken when they sit down to eat their people stew.

However, as a young child, Rory either doesn't understand why he's not allowed to eat, or just doesn't care because he's hungry.

It also foreshadows Rose's later rebellion. She's old enough to understand the fasting. She shouldn't be allowing her brother to eat, much less eating herself.

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