Since I was a kid, I used to watch 007 just to see what new weapon he will be using. I bought two PS2 games just to use these cool weapons and drive the BMW which can fire rockets! Or to use the watch and break the glass.

I didn't watch 007 because I like the actors, every new Bond movie has different cast, I didn't watch it because I loved the plot or because I want to see a story, we all know how bond movie ends: he falls in love with a blonde girl, who is a bad girl, the good girl is black, the blonde dies, Bond kills the bad guy and fall in love with the good girl.

I watched 007 because I wanted to see incredible weapons never seen before and we used to talk about it for months!

Skyfall on the other hand is good, however they used a fake Q and fake weapons, they killed the blonde girl too early and made her a hopeless girl. The black girl didn't do anything in the movie beside shooting Bond in the first scene.

There's something wrong! Who will watch Iron Man if he doesn't have that fancy suit and a billion different weapon? Same story with Bond, the story is good, but it seems more like a Jason Bourne movie, not James Bond (Jason does what James does without having the cool weapons).

So why didn't the director give Bond his cool guns and car? Is it a lack of creativity or what? And can we expect to see the cool guns in the next Bond? or is the future of the franchise going to be about a man who kills using traditional - old weapons?

  • While this is an interresting question that might provoke insightful answers, it definitely has to be "de-subjectified" a lot. Well, in fact it even seems to be a duplicate if considering all of the Craig-movies (which is reasonable as this lack of "cool weapons" started much earlier with Casino Royale already).
    – Napoleon Wilson
    Sep 17, 2013 at 11:58
  • 4
    Early Bond films (the best ones, IMHO) did not really have much in the way of gadgetry. I think the only gadget in Dr. No was the geiger counter. Furthermore, in Dr. No, Honey Ryder is a blonde good girl while Sylvia Trench and Miss Taro are brunette bad girls. Sep 17, 2013 at 14:06


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