I'm looking for a Sci-fi movie that aired on PBS in the mid-seventies. I'm guessing at the circa. But I think that was about the time because I had a lot of stuff falling on my head, so remembering a movie title was probably low on my list.

I remember a man dreamed a dream, then it came true the next day. The only specific dream I remember was the Earth was invaded by aliens. Bingo, the next day it happened. I remember the aliens were roundish and cyborg-ish.

I remember I think I liked it. I have been asking for 40 years. I found one other person who remembered the movie, but that was all they remembered.

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It could be The Lathe of Heaven. PBS were the distributors for this movie. IMDb link


Orr's explanation of his drug abuse is incredible: he has known since age 17 that his dreams change reality, and tries to prevent himself from dreaming because he fears their effects.


Haber suggests that Orr dream of a solution to overpopulation (resulting in a plague wiping out three-fourths of the human population), the end to all conflict between people (resulting in an alien invasion uniting mankind), only after numerous failed attempts to "make the world right" admitting to Orr that he believes in Orr's power.

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