In movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice, what was written by young Becky on the note behind which young Dave/David ran and went inside Balthazar Blake's shop of antique.


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Here is the timeline, in the movie, for everything relating to the note.

  • 5:22, David writes the note, passes it to Becky
  • 5:35, Audience sees note:


  • 5:49, Becky checks something
  • 5:54, Becky sets note on base of lamp post
  • 5:57, David goes to pick up note, but it blows away and David chases it
  • 6:56, Note blows into Arcana Cabana
  • 1:30:38 to 1:30:52, David asks Becky about note:
    • David: Hey, Becky. You remember that letter I wrote when we were ten years old, friend or girlfriend? I never saw what you checked. So, in case I die tonight, could you please tell me?
    • Becky: Don't die and I'll tell you.
  • 1:41:50 to 1:42:02, Becky gives her response:
    • David: You did it!
    • Becky: I know, and I'm still alive.
    • David: Surprisingly, so am I.
    • Becky: I know. ... Oh, the note. Right, friend or girlfriend.
    • David: Ahh, I don't care.
    • they kiss
    • Becky: Girlfriend. Definitely girlfriend.

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